Are green fees for me and my partner included in the entry fee?
Yes, green fees are included for you and your partner for the two-day tournament on Friday and Saturday.  The Thursday scramble is a separate, optional fee of $175/person.

What does a Sponsorship include?
Each team that registers for the tournament is required to be either a General Sponsor, and contribute a $1,000 general sponsorship, or be a Major ‘Event’ sponsor.  Please refer to “Sponsorship” tab on the website for further details.

 How do I register my team?
Go to the IOGA website,  and click on the “Registration” tab and follow the prompts.

How do I make a hotel reservation?
When you click on the “Registration” tab for the tournament, you will see an option near the bottom of that page that asks if you need a hotel reservation.  Make sure to select that box.  Your hotel reservation will be processed for you and your guest upon receipt of payment and approval by the IOGA board.  In order to receive our IOGA group rate, you must register through the IOGA website, not directly with the hotel.

Can I pay for my entry fee and sponsorship with a credit card?
Yes, you may pay by credit card or check.  Click on the “Payment Form” under the “Registration” tab and you will see an option to pay by credit card or check.  A 3% processing fee will be applied to all credit card charges.  You can also opt to mail a check to IOGA at 1030 Regional Park Drive, Houston Texas 77060.   

What is the dress code for dinner parties?
Resort casual.  Most men wear slacks or nice shorts with a golf shirt or button down.  Most women wear sundresses or comfortable summer outfits.  Friday night dinner usually has a theme associated with it that will be announced closer to the tournament if you would like to participate in dressing up.

What activities are there for the wives/ladies?
The ladies will have a group activity/outing (TBD) on Friday morning at 10:00am.  There will also be a ladies brunch on Saturday morning at 10:30am at the resort. 

Can children attend IOGA events?
No, due to open bar access at all events, the Board of Directors has decided to not allow children in attendance.

Can I pass along my invitation to someone else within my organization in the event that I cannot make the tournament?
In order to maintain the integrity of the tournament, please do not pass along your invitation to another person.  If a conflict does arise, please contact a board member or Karen Hammond at so that an alternative resolution can be discussed. 

When is IOGA 2017?
June 8-10, 2017


60th Annual International Oilmen's Golf Association Tournament

June 6-8, 2019